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I have such a passion for the vintage era (especially art, jewelry, and books) that I'm just drawn to a little bit of everything and believe me, our home reflects it. I've had really nice fellow ebayers help me when I was just starting out and have sold to many great people from all over the world.

Over the years I've been painting in acrylic, enamel, and watercolor. I've also started in oils, love the oils! I especially enjoy painting roses, floral designs and birds. I have a bird feeder out back and sometimes it's like wild kingdom out there with all the different species. Lot's of cardinals, wrens, doves... some I don't even know what they are, but they're beautiful! The reason we started a web site is unfortunately due the high cost of listing fees and final value fees with Ebay. Years ago it was a fun auction place and didn't cost as much as today. (Wow, have they gone up!!) I no longer sell on Ebay but you can click the link up at the top-right to view my feedbacks that were posted beginning in 2001.

We are currenly listing my paintings on the web site. I pride myself on working hard and I try to describe all items to the best of my ability. Now mind you, I'm not an expert so please ask all questions before buying. I always welcome all questions and suggestions.




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