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Comets - Creators and Destroyers by David Levy



COMETS - CREATORS AND DESTROYERS by DAVID LEVY, also the author of Skywatching. Published by A Touchstone Book - Simon & Schuster. Copyright 1998 - ISBN: 0-684-85255-1 - total number of pages - 256. The book is in paperback form with high gloss covers and is in new like condition; my son read it and completely enjoyed every word. From the back of the book: Gossamer travelers that visit our sky from time to time, these flying balls of ice and dust have shaped the course of life on Earth. In a special sense, we are the children of comets. David Levy brings these "ghostly apparitions" to life. With fascinating scenarios both real and imagined, he shows how comets have wreaked their special havoc on Earth and other planets. Beginning with ground zero as comets take form, we track the paths their icy, rocky masses take around our universe and investigate the enormous potential that future comets have to directly affect the way we live on this planet and what we might find as we travel to other planets. In this extraordinary volume, David Levy shines his expert light on a subject that has long captivated our imaginations and fears, and demonstrates the need for our continued and rapt attention. Excellent addition for the avid reader/collector of David Levy!


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