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A Golden Circle by Jerome Lawrence



A Golden Circle by Jerome Lawrence.

This is a hardback book with dust jacket. Published by Sun & Moon Press First published in 1993 - First Edition with complete number line above 10 to 1 ISBN: 1-55713-086-8. Total number of pages: 170.

From inside the dust jacket; A Tale of the Stage and Screen and Music of Yesterday and Now and Tomorrow and Maybe the Day After Tomorrow. Jerome Lawrence Co-author of Inherit the Wind, Auntie Mame, and numerous theater masterpieces, Jerome Lawrence explores in his first novel the story of three fascinating women: the great actress Madame Rachel, Julia Cole, and Kati Singer.

Amalgams of living personalities he has known well, Lawrence’s characters move in and out of history, as acting legend Madame Rachel recounts the tale of her love in a world of theater history that includes Sigmund Romberg, Rudolph Friml, David Belasco, Marc Connelly, Dorothy Parker, and the entire Algonquin Round Table.

But his is really a tale of inheritance, the inheritances given to each of us through our blood-ties, through our experiences, through our culture. Like the golden room in which Madame Rachel enchants her willing pupils, the world becomes a warm, golden place a lie of fiction which through the imagination is transformed into truth in which each of us is permitted to join the circle of human experience and wonderment.

The book is in great condition with clean crisp pages, sound to the binding. The dust jacket has minor shelf wear around the edges and inside the back dust jacket has a folded crease otherwise the just jacket is in good condition.

Excellent addition for the avid reader/collector of Jerome Lawrence books.


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